A Texan Reader Shakes His Head at Sailer On The South
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May 17, 2005

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From: Brian Dunaway

"There's no question that for scores of years after the Civil War, the South was the poorest, worst educated, and least enterprising part of the country. The fairly rapid improvement in the wealth and health of the South after the spread of  air conditioning following WWII, though, suggests that some of what Sowell sees as long-term cultural weaknesses were simply the initiative-sapping effects of too much heat and humidity."  Tom Sowell's "Black Redneck" Theory—Ingenious, But Insufficient, By Steve Sailer

I swanee, I jus filled with so much languor I barely have the energy to respond—tell big Sam to bring me anotha mint julep.

Yeah, that's the ticket, too much heat and humidity...

Never mind that Carolina had the greatest economy of all the colonies at the time of American independence, and that England sought first to hold onto it ... and of course Carolina was so poor it was silly for that ole Lincoln to collect taxes at Sumter, right?

And I've never heard of these Scotch-Irish, but I do think I've heard of the Germano-English. Incidentally, Andy Jackson had a brutal boyhood at the hands of the English, so maybe we can cut him a little slack on his so-called violent tendencies. But he, along with the generation of Presidents he inspired, were the last to ever pay off the national debt. I've heard that a few Irishmen and Scots were fair decent economists.

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