A Talk Radio Radio Listener Watches A Movie On A French (I. E. Black) Serial Killer
February 15, 2017, 04:46 PM
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From: A Talk Radio Radio Listener [Email him]

There's a movie called "L'affaire SK1" (Serial Killer 1) a French police movie with a black serial killer (based on true story.)

I watched it on DVD last night. It's an excellent film policier, that begins in a courtroom and flashes back to the crimes. The perp was Guy Georges, who had an American black father and a French mother. He brutally tortured, raped and murdered a succession of young white, middle-class women in Paris about 10 years ago. Because of criminal-friendly DNA laws and procedures in France, the police were unable to compare DNA from the victims with DNA from known criminals, which would have stopped the crime spree years earlier. Victim rights groups used the Guy Georges case to bring about significant reforms.

If SK1 is remade in Hollywood, the perp will be a blond man, and the victims will be multi-racial.

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James Fulford writes: Readers can watch a documentary below. It's startling how much of the material online refers to him as a "French" killer. For example, the BBC: "A Frenchman accused of killing seven women in Paris in the 1990s has gone on trial in Paris." Man on trial for Paris serial killings,  March 19, 2001