A Talk Radio Listener Suggests Giving DREAMers An IQ Test—American Probably Won’t Lose Many Brain Surgeons By Deporting
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 From: A Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

The latest MSM sob story about brilliant "DREAMErs", i.e. illegal aliens who allegedly entered the U.S. before turning 18, features an medical student from Thailand. [Must-Watch WSJ Video: “Medical School ‘DREAMers’ Face Uncertainty With Trump”, by Gabe Ortiz, America’s Voice, December 7, 2016] Last year, they found a valedictorian at an all-minority school.

It's time to establish a baseline against which to judge these cherry-picked examples. How about an IQ test for DREAMerS? Even better, how about an IQ test for all immigrants and aliens?

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