A Talk Radio Listener Notes The Nature Of Law And Judgements In New York State Courts—Especially In The E. Jean Carroll Case
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From: A Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

This a story from the NY Post:

A cancer patient left partially paralyzed after she was struck by a city bus on the Lower East Side has won a staggering $72.5 million judgment against the MTA—one of the largest ever against the agency.

“I was just delighted. I was in shock. I didn’t even know how many numbers it was,” said Aurora Beauchamp, who suffered a crushed pelvis, significant nerve damage to her left leg and injuries so bad on the right leg she’s had an open wound for years.

Cancer patient left partially paralyzed after being hit by bus wins historic $72.5M judgment against MTA: ‘I was in shock’
By Kathianne Boniello, NY Post, March 2, 2024 

And this is a comment from one of the readers:


So, let’s examine justice in NYC. This lady suffers an unspeakable tragedy with the date the accident happened, witnesses to the accident, evidence of her injuries, and my guess is, there were traffic cameras. She’s awarded $72.5 million. E. Jean Carroll couldn’t remember the day of the week, month, or year her assault took place, there were no witnesses, no evidence, no video, and she’s awarded $83.5 million, all because Trump publicly denied her accusations. [Links added]
Sounds like a typical day in the NYC court system.


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