A Southern California Reader Shares Our Reaction To Romney's Wimpout On Obama's Amnesty
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Re: James Fulford's article  Romney May Have Lost The Election By Rolling Over For Obama's Illegal Amnesty

From: Jim [Email him]

A great article. I had the same reaction when Romney responded in a pathetic way to Obama's amnesty. Romney looked like a fool when he said he agreed with Rubio's view, making Romney look like the V.P candidate, not the leader on the issue! However spineless, Romney will still get the Republican vote since those who hate Obama will vote for Romney.

You even have those like Sean Hannity, a purported conservative, singing the praises of Rubio. Yet Rubio could never legally qualify for the presidency!

Let's face it—conservatives like me who want illegals out of this country don't have a friend in Romney. Moreover this country is leaderless and headed south fast.

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