A Self-Described Brown Guy Thanks Us For "Keeping The World Divided"
August 10, 2016, 07:00 PM
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From: Sam [Email him]

I would like to thank you for keeping the world divided. I am a brown guy and I would like to challenge any of you thugs into a IQ test of your choice. After that, we will talk about what makes any human supreme.

James Fulford writes: I once tested at 132 on the WAIS(R), Peter Brimelow has an MBA from Stanford, and we have a number of Ph. Ds, lawyers, and medical doctors who write here, but, hey, for all I know, the reader could be smarter than us. I don't care.

The cheap labor of highly educated people just displaces a better class of American. Who wants to have their country taken over by smarter people? Europeans did this for Africa and India, and the natives complained bitterly. I may say that this is not a new attack on us—I first saw it 15 years ago in An Indian reader asks, “Aren't Immigrants Just Taking The Jobs Americans Are Too Stupid To Do?”; Norm Matloff Replies. [June 6, 2001]

As for keeping the world divided, many people prefer it that way. As Steve Sailer says, that's what separate countries are for. You could ask the "brown people" (on both sides) who guard the borders between India and Pakistan—they're divided and they like it that way.