A Scalawag Reader Promises To Wipe Peter Brimelow From Earth; He Responds Philosophically
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A Southern Sympathizer Ponders Lott, Moran, Derbyshire, MacDonald

From: Ted Towles [[email protected]]

Are you responsible for VDARE.COM? Since your name is first in the list of VDARE.COM writers, I will assume that you are in charge.

I hope that, within the next generation, you simple rednecks in my South will be replaced by true Americans. It is happening now. Small minds and confederate flags will disappear.

My family was here long before most of you. We came to Virginia in the 17th century and helped to build the land that is now The United States of America. But yes, we had slaves in those early days. That was the way things worked back then. It was as wrong then as is your prejudice now.

Slavery was an evil mistake, brought over from our homes in Europe. Some of us - my ancestors included - made the horrible mistake of trying to save slavery in the new land. My ancestors and yours put the easy life before union in the Civil War.

That war is over, and that cause is dead. The Civil War must be put forever in our past as the most shameful relic of early America.

Some in the South still want to relive those old days. Slaves in the fields, massa and family secure on the porch of the plantation house sipping julips. [VDARE.COM note: We normally just correct basic spelling errors. But a Virginian who can't spell "julep?"] White-skinned men in charge.

I am sorry for your affliction, but I will do whatever is in my power to wipe you and yours from the face of the earth.

Expect to hear from me again.

Peter Brimelow responds philosophically: Sigh. Of course, I am not a Southerner – I was born in the North of England, site of the Civil War "cotton famine" in which my blue-collar ancestors unquestionably suffered. Slavery was not imported from England, but from Africa - then, as now, the only place in the world where human beings were for sale. And it is illegal to wipe people off the face of the earth. Hate crimes, genocide, et cetera.

This letter is an interesting insight into the very basic psychology underlying much white immigration enthusiasm: explicit racial guilt - amounting to self-hatred.

If I were a Southerner, I would be proud of it.

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