A San Diego Reader Wonders If The Sierra Club Cares About California's Drought
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From:  Bill Lane (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: The Sierra Club Disparages Its Mostly White Membership

I have no idea where the Sierra Club has its head.

Here in San Diego County, after months of warnings and voluntary conservation programs, we have moved to Level 2 drought alert.

The decision requires mandatory water rationing of about 8 percent for residents throughout the county from San Ysidro to Fallbrook and will include bans on certain types of water use, patrols by "water cops," higher rates to encourage conservation and limits on new water service.

Residents will be urged to help by reporting water waste. [Water Rationing Made Mandatory, by Mike Lee, San Diego Union-Tribune, April 24, 2009]

You would think that the Sierra Club would realize that illegal aliens use water, too, and plenty of it.

Instead, it is too Politically Correct to join the fight to curtail legal and illegal immigration, preferring instead to worry about how white its membership is.

Lane resigned from the Sierra Club in 2005.

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