A Reader Writes About Why He Doesn't Eat At McDonalds
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James Kirkpatrick's article Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also…The End Of McDonalds?

From: An Anonymous White Consumer [Email him]

DinnertiminI really enjoyed James Kirkpatrick's well-researched article on this topic. One other factor of interest was that it seems to me McDonalds passed out of white consciousness in the late 1990s as anything but a joke.

McDonalds kept adjusting its food downward and running more ghetto-friendly ads as opposed to the suburban-mom-friendly ads it had before. [VDARE.com note: The ad on the right is from 1976, but ran in Ebony Magazine.] At this point, all the white people I knew stopped even considering going there, not that it had been high on the destination list before. Contrast McDonalds' advertising to Taco Bell which tailors most of its ads to appeal tongue-in-cheek to college stoners and white 20something slackers.

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