A Reader Wonders Why We're Not Hearing About The Non-Sikh Victims (50 Percent) In The FedEx Shooting
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Re: Peter Brimelow Asks: If Warehouse Shooting Victims Were 50% Sikh, Why? Is Working At FedEx A Job Americans Won't Do?

From: Angie Saxon [Email her]

Notice how media reports are focused “Sikh community” victims of Indianapolis shooter? Other victims are apparently not part of any identified ethic immigrant community, so don’t deserve group identification.

The Boulder gunman’s all-white victims are never ID’d as “White” or “European American” community members. Same with “Asian” victims even as whites are attacked every day. If you’re white, you’re invisible.

Samaria Blackwell RIP James Fulford writes: The non-Sikh victims of this workplace shooting included a white American girl, Samaria Blackwell, 19, (right) a black American girl, Karli Smith, 19, a 32-year old white American male, Matthew R Alexander, and a 74-year old white American male, John Weisert,  who was a Vietnam veteran,  and who had been an engineer before being downsized, which was why he was working at a FedEx warehouse.

CNN quotes a Sikh Coalition guy as saying that there were lots of Sikh's working at the facility:

While the shooter's motive isn't yet known, "he targeted a facility known to be heavily populated by Sikh employees, and the attack is traumatic for our community as we continue to face senseless violence," Satjeet Kaur, the Sikh Coalition's executive director, said.

The Sikh community is in mourning as 4 members were among the victims of the Indianapolis shooting, by Madeline Holcombe and Harmeet Kaur, CNN, April 17, 2021 

What this means is that this guy didn't have to have a racist motive to shoot Sikhs, because you literally couldn't fire off a gun in the building without hitting Sikhs.

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