A Reader Wonders Why Polls Don't Show Americans Worrying About Immigration: We Reply
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James Kirkpatrick’s article Troy Senik On California: Stupidity, Corruption Or Cowardice? (We Know About NATIONAL REVIEW)

From: Bill Millette (e-mail him)

James Kirkpatrick writes

"The destruction of the Republican Party (and Conservatism Inc.) is occurring because of the demographic transformation, and increasingly repressive Cultural Marxism, enabled by mass immigration."

And yet every survey, lately, shows immigration as one of the lowest concerns. It is, in fact, one of the key factors of the problems of our economy. How people can discuss it as a problem way down on the list is beyond my understanding.

James Fulford writes: There are three explanations for this

  1. What people are being asked: polling companies know how to ask these questions so they come up with the right answer.
  2. What people are being told: the Main Stream Media has an actual rule not to say anything bad about immigration or immigrants.
  3. The Amnesty Factor: when people are asked “Is immigration an urgent problem?” they may think they’re being asked if there’s an urgent need to pass amnesty—which there never is.
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