A Reader Wonders What Would Have Happened If America Had Decided Not To Own Slaves In The First Place
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Re: James Fulford's article  Black History Month At Ole Miss, And The ROOTS Of The Anti-White Movie Industry

From: An Anonymous Reader [Email Him]

I agree with everything said in his Roots article. But how did "all" of this begin? Essentially, it began when uncontrolled greed and the uncontrolled desire for profit (emphasis on the word uncontrolled) allowed for the purely economic use of black Africans, i. e. slavery. And now we suffer the consequences of that short-term (in an historical perspective) economic policy. That same short-term, limited vision (immediate profit rather than long-term profit) economic policy is being championed today by virtually everyone, though for different reasons.

Can you imagine an America that had never instituted a slave system? Where would America be today? What would it look like? I imagine that some remarkable articles on this topic could be written by speculative historians.

To question further. What would America be like today, and tomorrow, if it had never adopted crony capitalism? In all likelihood, VDARE.com probably wouldn't even exist. And that would be a very good thing, if you understand what I mean.

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