A Reader Warns Athena Kerry Against "Soulless" Men
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From: [Name Withheld]

Re: Multicultural Education—No "Americans" Need Apply, by Athena Kerry

I just re-read your fine article on multicultural brain washing of future teachers. While reading it, I remembered that I had meant to make a critical observation.

It is here that I have a problem: "[multicultural academic Paul Gorski]'s very good-looking, judging from the picture on his personal website…"

You see, were you perhaps slightly older and more experienced, you would know instantly just by looking at him that there is nothing of substance inside of him—the most important part of "good looks"—think of Gary Cooper who was almost dead when I was born. The look of total vacuity is in Comrade Gorski's eyes—they are truly vacant. In order to have a look of depth in one's eyes (the mirrors of the soul, after all) one must first have character. Gorski has none and never will, He is willing tool of the communist movement and thus can have no character. Communism is all about the enslavement of those who can by those who cannot.

 Good luck to you, and stay away from soulless men. Look for one with character and substance.

Athena Kerry replies: Thanks, good advice is always welcome!

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