A Reader Wants The Look And Feel Of The Old VDARE Back—We Sympathize, But Continue To Forge Ahead
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Re: The New Design

From: Tom Graham [Email him]

The new design does not look good— I want the look and feel of the old VDARE back.

With respect, the new design looks terribly generic, functional, corporate, and dead.  The old design was lively and distinctive and artisanal, especially the hand-drawn logo/banner at the top.

The Old White Doe

I don't see why the distinctive graphic identify of the journal had to be changed.  Surely it's possible to enhance the functionality while maintaining continuity in look and feel.

James Fulford writes:  I know how you feel, I'm not only a political conservative, but a philosophical and temperamental one, and I hate all kinds of changes. However, we badly needed this change for technical reasons. The content will continue to be the same or frequently even better.

For an alternative view, see Mark Mallarde's A California Reader Appreciates Our New Logo.

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