A Reader Thinks Tancredo is Wrong; Joe Says So What
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December 27, 2005

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An African-American Reader Comments On Job Displacement

From:  George Chell

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column "The Denver Post's Jim Spencer: Worst Immigration Reporter (Except for the Others)"

Denver Post columnist Jim Spencer is completely right.

If Tancredo has his way, America will have budget cuts for student loans and education, while at the same time we'll be eliminating H1-B visas, opposing guest worker programs, and promoting "enforcement only".

The result: we will end up moving all low paying jobs abroad, which will create a bigger hole in the budget deficit, more draconian budget cuts and the destruction of this country.

Tom Tancredo is working towards the destruction of America.

Joe Guzzardi replies: Mr. Chell misses my column's point. The question is not whether Tancredo is right or wrong—I'm a Democrat, so I have many disagreements with him. At issue is whether Spencer satisfies his professional responsibility to write in accordance with the standards set by journalists themselves.

Spencer violated those standards multiple times in his column that I wrote about.

Readers interested in viewing the guidelines for sound professional journalism can read them here. Note that journalists created these guidelines—not the readers who are disappointed with their failure to write fair and balanced copy.

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