A Reader (Taught By VDARE.com) Catches The MSM In A Lie
July 16, 2016, 06:32 PM
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From: A Well-Instructed Reader [Email him]

Having read James Fulford's work on "Not Reporting Race," I immediately knew something was fishy when I read the following headline in my local paper this morning:

Woodbury mom charged with enslaving, assaulting Chinese nanny

By Kevin Giles , Star Tribune, July 15, 2016

A Woodbury nanny from China was starved, paid a pittance and beaten relentlessly until a police officer found her wandering bruised and afraid in the middle of the night, according to charges filed Friday in Washington County.

The 58-year-old woman worked for Lili Huang, of the 9700 block of Wellington Lane, who was charged with five felonies including labor trafficking, false imprisonment and assault.

Huang, 35, made her initial court appearance Friday in District Court in Stillwater. She remains jailed in lieu of $350,000 bail with conditions that include an ankle monitor.

 The nanny told a police detective that she finally fled the house when Huang threatened to kill her with a knife.
Of course, the "Woodbury [Minnesota] Mom", Lili Huang is of Chinese descent herself and is almost certainly a Chinese national but the article is extremely, Pravda-ish-ly vague on this point.

James Fulford writes: Thanks, that's classic. The headline could just as well read "Chinese Woman Accused Of Enslaving Woodbury Nanny" but the rule seems to be that you can mention that the victim is an immigrant but not the criminal.