A Reader Suggests A VDARE.com Credit Union
March 28, 2011, 05:00 AM
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From Gary [Email him]

As a conservative American Anglican, I was considering joining the Episcopal Church Credit Union ...until I saw the diversity propaganda on its home page.  This brought me to thinking, why isn't there a VDare.com credit union?  I wouldn't mind paying even moderately higher banking fees provided they furthered the interests I believe in.  There are economically savvy people associated with VDare.com (Brimelow, PCR, et al), and the Internet has made banking location independent, so why not?  Why not start a VDare Foundation Credit Union?

James Fulford writes: Establishing a credit union is beyond our capabilities. We barely have enough resources to do the actual journalism we do. We might manage to get a VDARE.com affiliated credit card, the way the NRA does, though.

The only other thing I can suggest for our readers to help us (aside from giving money, of course) is using the Amazon link on our front page whenever you shop online.