A Reader Says The Alt-Right IS Producing Music And Art
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Screen-Shot-2017-10-19-at-12.11.29-AMRe: Logical Meme’s piece The Alt Right Is Not Dead And It’s Invented A New Art-Form—Memes

From: “Mr. Rational “[Email him]

So odd for Ryan Cooper to claim that the alt-right has spawned no music, no art.  Besides electronica, the duo "The Mamas And The Pepes" have produced quite a number of folksy alt-right pieces in just the past year.  In graphic arts, there is "Alt★Hero", an entire series of comic books which took second-place for the most-subscribed crowdfunded cartoon series ever.  The first issue should go to print this month.

Whether mocking CultMarx or just ignoring it, the alt-right is muscling out its stale, humorless, boring excuses for art and bringing fun back to the media.  And it's about time.


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