A Reader Reports That Plucky Arab Immigrant Entrepreneurs Are Stocking Their Convenience Stores With Stolen Goods
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From: An Anonymous Buffalo Reader [Email him]

Here's a story you might be interested in. It concerns Arab convenience store thefts. Not thefts from Arab convenience stores, but thefts for Arab convenience stores.

If you've ever wondered why Arab convenience stores are so successful, this may explain why. I'm wondering how wide spread this is:

Delis' orders for stolen goods gets stores in trouble with the law

Six-month sting targets area shops that sold items taken from bigger retailers

BY: Lou Michel,  Buffalo News, September 14, 2012.

The petty thieves went out with shopping lists to steal for deli owners who offered to buy the stolen goods - everything from condoms to baby formula.

One deli owner's shopping list included "25 tubes of toothpaste." Another deli owner needed men's shavers, and yet another needed to replenish his supply of energy drinks.

The crooks then shoplifted from the big guys: Tops, Wegmans, Target.

The thieves returned to the delis and sold the goods to the owners - at cut-rate prices - who then resold the items at big profits.

Meanwhile, residents near the small stores complained that many of the city's corner delis were magnets for gang members, whose fighting, partying and drug dealing made life unbearable. More


James Fulford writes: The story, in  a continuing theme here at VDARE.com, doesn’t mention that these are all Arab convenience store owners, until the first claim of racism appears:

“In the late 1990s, the city formed a deli task force to crush illegal activity. A group of Arab-American deli owners responded by filing a federal lawsuit, alleging that the city was discriminating against them. By the fall of 2001, a jury exonerated the city.”

Also, at the end of the story, we learn that the accused are guys named Abdilkarim, Adel, Samir, Abdul, Hamza, Bilal, Jamil, Naji, Muafaq, Zaid, Moshin, Omar, Ali, Hamos, and Dennis. (I think Dennis is an employee.)


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