A Reader Reports O'Reilly Encouraging Rove And Romney In Hispandering Competition
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From: Kathy Knechtges (e-mail her)

Bill O'Reilly, of all people, was worried about Romney appealing to Hispanics the other night. He had Karl Rove on saying of Romney "he does need to show compassion with regard to the people who are already here." And all the other typical pandering nonsense. Rove even said that Obama had not done enough for comprehensive immigration reform!

Back of Book Segment

How should Romney handle immigration reform?

Guest: Karl Rove

The O'Reilly Factor

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finally, Fox News analyst Karl Rove laid out a strategy by which Mitt Romney could win some Hispanic votes. "He has to realize," Rove said, "that Hispanic voters have the same concerns that the rest of Americans do - they're worried about the prosperity of the country and what Obamacare is going to do to them. Also, a lot of people in the Latino community are hard-nosed about border security, they believe fervently that we need to secure the borders. So Romney has that part of it covered, but he does need to show compassion with regard to the people who are already here." Rove added that President Obama's record on immigration is open to criticism. "He said he was totally in favor of comprehensive immigration reform, but he voted with the labor unions to gut reform. And as President he has never even had a significant meeting on it."


SUPER OBVIOUS REALITY BULLETIN! What a terrible mistake it to ever allow our country to be held hostage by a tiny, unassimilated, hostile group of people with a much stronger allegiance to a foreign country. Any actions to increase this mistake will only make the situation worse, or irreversible.

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