A Reader Reports Illegals Fearing Deportation Are Leaving Under Their Own Steam—The "Trump Effect"
October 21, 2017, 06:32 PM
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From: A Utah Resident [Email her]

Just thought you might like to hear the rumblings on the ground in one illegal alien community in Atlanta.

My former au pair from Central America decided to overstay her visa, hook up with a Guatemalan illegal (I'd say they "got married", but hardly any of them actually do), and make an anchor baby with him.  The baby is now in 1st grade.

She told me that she and "hubby" are planning to flee to his native Guatemala soon.  When I asked why, she said that some of her friends and neighbors have gotten caught in the random illegal alien dragnets around Atlanta.  She tells of "horror stories" like the time a few months ago when the lady living next door went out to buy groceries and got picked up for driving without a license at a nearby police checkpoint. (Who knows what the cops were originally looking for that day?)

In the past, they'd release these people for a later court date, but now they apparently get detained and deported.

In Park City, Utah where I live now, the school system sent out a mass email in August, assuring parents that they would continue their policy of refusing to question anyone's legal status, regardless of who's in the White House.  Utah is overrun with illegals, even in super-expensive Park City where the Mexicans are generally segregated into cheap apartments on the edge of town.  When Trump won the election, extra counselors had to be called in to the schools to deal with the number of Hispanics having panic attacks.

I love it.