A Reader Reports Arizona Governor Wants No Roundups
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02/28/07 - A Reader Notes A Florida Senator Wants To Make It  Illegal To Say Illegal

From: Richard Humphries [email him]

Arizona's Governor Janet Napolitano has agreed to let 100 of her Department of Public Safety officers receive special training to enforce immigration laws. However, they will not be allowed, in her words, to round up those who are in this country illegally, unless they commit other crimes.

"The DPS is not going to be engaged in roundups," she said. Napolitano specifically cited the 1997 incident in Chandler where local police, working with federal immigration officers, went after anyone they thought was in this country illegally.

About 400 people were detained — including some U.S. citizens.

"That's not what they're going to do," she said. "They're going to be working on cases, crimes that are related to illegal immigration."
[DPS to train in immigration enforcement, By Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services, March 1, 2007]

She went so far as to say that illegal "immigrants" should not be worried unless they're breaking other laws; laws other than illegal entry into America. That makes it crystal clear that she welcomes the presence of the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens now in Arizona.

If not, she would allow and encourage all of our local law-enforcement officers to do whatever is necessary to locate every man, woman and child who is in this country illegally and have them returned to their country of origin, post haste.

She is picking and choosing which laws she likes and dislikes. Are we allowed to do the same?

Richard Humphries is a  former AZ DPS officer.

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