A Reader Reports AILF's 2002 Immigrant Achievement Award Winner Has Achieved Jail For Spying
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November 27, 2003

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From:  John Miano

Currently in the news we have a story about Gao Zhan, a U.S.-based Chinese spy ["Chinese scholar pleads guilty to illegally exporting technology to China"—AFP].

Incredibly, two years ago, this woman was the object of enormous U.S. diplomatic effort to get her out of prison in China, where she had been accused of spying for Taiwan.

Apparently, she then turned round and stole American secrets for her former jailers.

It gets better. Last year, the American Immigration Law Foundation which lauds illegal aliens and supports legislation allowing employers to replace Americans with foreign labor, honored our spy with "The 2002 Immigrant Achievement Award to honor outstanding immigrants and first generation Americans whose contributions have greatly enriched our nation."

VDARE.COM readers might care to ask AILF in what way immigrants like Gao Zhan have really "greatly enriched our nation"—as opposed to greatly enriching immigration lawyers.

John Miano [email him] is a computer programmer who is now in law school on the theory if you can't beat 'em, sue 'em.

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