A Reader Reminds Us—Again—Of A Forgotten Immigrant Mass Murder
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James Fulford's blog post  Magnificent Ann Coulter Column On LEGAL Immigration And Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome

From: An Anonymous Reader In Mississippi [Email him]

I just read James Fulford's blog post in response to Ann Coulter's recent column. One significant immigrant that Ms. Coulter left out of her excellent piece that I noticed was also left off of the updated VDARE.com immigrant mass murder tracker was the crash of PSA Flight 1771 in 1987 caused by the armed hiijacking of the plane by British born James Burke (of black Jamaican extraction).

43 people were killed as a result, including the President of Chevron. For some reason this extraordinary event has gone down the memory hole. I seem to remember Steve Sailer writing about it not too long ago. It seems like it should qualify as Immigrant Mass Murder to me!
David Burke writes: It was me that wrote about it last , in this space,  in my reply to Greg Jones's letter saying the same thing: A Reader Remembers The Jamaican Immigrant Who Killed 43 People By Deliberately Crashing PSA Flight 1771 In 1987.

The infuriating thing was that I knew about that case, having read about it in the 90's, as a case of workplace violence, or of gun violence, but not of racial revenge or Immigrant Mass Murder  because the race of the killer (pictured at right) was as usual  simply not mentioned.

I'll do another update of that table soon, it obviously needs it.

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