A Reader Questions Paul Craig Roberts` Credibility—And VDARE.COM's. Peter Brimelow Replies.
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From: Bill Constable (email him)

Re: 9/11 and the Evidence, by Paul Craig Roberts

I couldn't believe the latest article from Paul Craig Roberts about the preposterous notion that those aircraft didn't actually fly into the World Trade Towers and that the real reason the towers fell in a heap was because someone set charges and the towers were blown up intentionally! 

How can he possibly think that we are that gullible to believe him when we all saw with our own eyes what happened? There were cameras from all angles showing the airplanes crash into the World Trade Towers.  This guy discredits all of your other good, credible stories written by honest accurate journalists.

He also grossly misstates the weight of the Boeing 757 which he implies didn't hit the towers. He should check with the airlines for the facts.  For example, he talks about a "100,000 lb. Boeing 757". For everyone's information, a fully loaded 757, flying from N.Y. to L.A. would have to carry around 100,000 lbs. of fuel ALONE just to make the trip.  A fully grossed out 757 on that route would weigh over 300,000 lbs. 

This writer is wrecking the pages of VDARE.COM.  

Constable is an airline pilot living in Southern California and a registered member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. His previous email to VDARE.COM is here.

Peter Brimelow writes: Reader Constable's is one of a number of similar emails we've received. For what it's worth, of course, Paul Craig Roberts did not deny that the aircraft hit the World Trade Center, just that they masked the destruction of the buildings with demolition charges.

As I've said before, we run syndicated columnists Michelle Malkin, Pat Buchanan and Paul Craig Roberts because they are among the few MSM writers sensible about immigration. As we have to pay for all their columns, we run them all. But we don't necessarily endorse all their opinions, which (as readers may have noticed) often contradict each other.

But I must say that I do wish that Craig, who I've known for nearly 40 years and who has been a good friend to VDARE.COM, would go back to writing more about immigration.

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