A Reader Produces More Evidence That "They Want To Erase Us"
June 24, 2017, 07:32 PM
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From: Alphonsus [Email him]

From Los Angeles, more evidence that they want to erase us. With each passing day, I grow more assured of my decision to flee California for Idaho.

Southwest L.A. loves 'Obama Boulevard' proposal but wonders: 'Why not a major street?'

By Sonaiya Kelley, LA Times, June 24, 2017

Though residents were receptive to having a street named after Obama, they did ask why the president's name couldn't be given to a more significant street.

"Change La Brea, change Sepulveda," said Taylor Strong, 21, a parks and recreation assistant at Rancho Cienega. "Sepulveda is the longest street in California. Change a major, major street. I think he deserves more than Rodeo."

"Obama is something we've never had, and in my lifetime we thought we would never see it," said Walter, a retired gardener who declined to give his last name. "He deserves more than a little bitty street."

"Changing the name here won't change anything because it's already a black neighborhood," agreed Shawn Rahman, a cashier at I Smoke 4 Less smoke shop. "Why not take it to Beverly Hills? Why not change Rodeo Drive to Obama Drive? Because it's a white neighborhood? You're changing the street, you're spending the money, might as well change it there."[ More]


I made this “They Want To Replace Us” Video on my YouTube Channel: