A Reader Points Out That Population Of Afghanistan Has DOUBLED Since 2001, There Are A Lot More Refugees Still To Come!
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Re: James Kirkpatrick's article The Historic American Nation: Suicide or Murder?

From: An Engineer In Alabama [Email him]

James Kirkpatrick writes:

"One wonders if the collapse in Afghanistan was so chaotic because the Biden Administration wanted to make sure as many people as possible would be shipped into the country."

Indeed. But consider:

  1. When the United States invaded, the population of Afghanistan was 20 million. It has since doubled to about 40 million.
  2. During this time the ability of the Afghani economy to (among other things) grow food was basically stagnant. Maybe if things had been different the economy could have grown along with the population, but the key point is that it didn’t.
  3. The United States did NOT engage in “nation building.” There was minimal real investment in real infrastructure. The United States simply fed the growing Afghani population.
  4. Now about half (or so) of the population of Afghanistan is dependent on foreign food aid, and the United States has both cut off this aid, and frozen external accounts, blocking the Afghanis from importing food.

Without massive foreign aid the population of Afghanistan is likely to crash back to around 20 million—give or take—and that won’t be pretty. I can’t think of anything more destabilizing than mass famine. 

And think of the "push" factor for all those Afghani refugees headed our way...

I do not understand why these factors are not more widely discussed. What am I missing? It sure seems logical to me.

James Fulford writes: I was surprised to learn that about the population of Afghanistan, and also war-torn Syria and Iraq—the graph below is what you get when you Google population of Afghanistan.


So if American forces had been trying to commit genocide in Iraq or Afghanistan—which they weren't—this would represent a total failure. If they were trying to teach the natives population control—which they also weren't, because population control is now racist—this would represent an even worse failure.

It's hard to figure out what they were doing, after the initial invasion. It seems that the U.S. Government thinks wars should be waged for the benefit of populace being invaded, i.e., "Operation Iraqi Freedom".

If so, that's a success, because there's a lot more populace. But they can't all come here, there's no room.

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