A Reader Objects To The Term WASP—Calls It A “Hate Caricature”
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Re: A Reader Notes Quebec Nationalism—America Could Use Some Of That

From: Bo Sears (e-mail him)

August 25th's “Illinois Reader” writes

"rather than sniveling and apologizing like American WASPs."

It's fine if some Canadians want to be "Quebecois douche" to coin the equivalent term to the hate caricature "Wasp."  The reason no one defends the term "Wasp" is that it is an imposed term on Americans who did not invent it and do not use it.  It's not an indigenous term to those so named.  No one owns stock shares in Wasp, Inc.  It's wholly the creature of Andrew Hacker, a self-loathing and white-hating writer, who was the first to use the WASP hate caricature in 1957.

You guys are nuts demanding that the diverse white Americans use or defend a term that they didn't create and didn't impose on themselves.  One problem is that we have to defend ourselves from VDARE.com which should be a friend to the diverse white Americans, at least implicitly.  Shame on you.

Bo Sears is the founder of ResistingDefamation.Org. See previous letters, mostly critical, from Bo Sears.

James Fulford writes: The term WASP was the reader's. It has always seemed harmless to me, but that’s because, like most WASPs, I lack racial sensitivity. However, it may be that in the new multicultural world, we should all be thin-skinned.  

That certainly seems to be the path that Mr. Sears has taken.

He’s right that it was CUNY Professor  Andrew Hacker who invented it—see The Implosion of the WASPs–Er, White Protestants…, by Philip Weiss on July 3, 2007, where there are some very interesting remarks.

 One thing I must protest myself—the term “self-loathing.” I sincerely doubt that Professor Hacker [Email him] hates himself. It’s more likely that the author of classic anti-racist literature like Two Nations : Black and White, Separate, Hostile, Unequal  hates me. And Mr. Sears, of course.

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