A Reader Objects To America Becoming A Colony Of Mexico
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Re: James Fulford’s article The Fulford File| Jeb Bush—Treason Lobbyist 

From: Herbert West [Email him]

Another great article. Here's one point I never hear as to why reaching out "Hispanics" is a wasted effort on the part of the GOP: While maybe some "Hispanics" are alleged to be social conservatives, and thus a possible source of votes to be tapped if approached correctly and shown The Way, overall "Hispanics" don't care about America, Americans, or anything else but two things: themselves, and their race.

Strange, is it not? Here, we are constantly harangued about race and that it is nothing but a social construct and to even acknowledge its existence is now beyond a mortal sin. Yet in Hispanic communities everywhere, the great virtues of race are praised above and beyond even their alleged Catholic faith.

I say we call them what they really are: selfish, racist, colonists. They are not here to make America better (because they certainly have not). Nor are they here to assimilate or to add anything to the mix. They are here strictly for whatever they can grab. They have no other intention but taking over.

So the tag of “immigrant” (whether legal or illegal), or even illegal alien is not at all accurate. They are a hostile colonizing force.

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