A Reader Notes That Greg Abbott Has Called The "Brown Run Border" A Third World Country—And Been Criticized by Local Caciques
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Re: Federale’s article BRB: The "Brown Run Border" And The Coming Enforcement Collapse

From: A Concerned Reader [Email him]

The next Governor of Texas, Attorney General Greg Abbott, has called South Texas—the area that Federale called the “Brown-Run Border”—Third World because of all the corruption. Look whose complaining: Texas Sen. Jose Rodriguez, and state Rep. Mary Gonzalez.

"When he talks about corruption he points at people of color and equates it to Third World countries,” Gonzalez said. “It really demonstrates how out of touch he is with Texas' border communities.”

Both Rodriguez and Gonzalez represent the border communities around El Paso, an area of the state that straddles Mexico’s Ciudad Juarez and is over 80 percent Latino.

Leading TX Governor Candidate Likens Border Corruption To 'Third World Practices', Fox News Latino, February 11, 2014

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