A Reader Notes More Latin American-Style Corruption In American Police Forces–Which Are Staffed By Latin Americans
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Re: James Fulford’s Alleged Corrupt Hispanic Official In Alleged Sex-For-Visas Scandal In Guyana

From: An Observant Reader [Email him]

You may have seen this article aggregated at the Antiwar.Com site on July 7. It’s about police abuse of the NCIC database they look you up in to see if you’re wanted by the police. Here's a sample:

In another database abuse case last year, federal authorities charged NYPD patrolman Jose Tejada with being a member of a crew that posed as police officers while staging more than 100 robberies of drug traffickers that netted more than 250 kilograms of cocaine and $1 million in cash.

Tejada "ran the names of coconspirators through law enforcement databases to determine whether there were active warrants in the names of the coconspirators," prosecutors said in court papers. "In connection with these searches, Tejada advised coconspirators whether they could re-enter the United States without being arrested by law enforcement authorities."

 NYC cases show crooked cops' abuse of FBI database, By  Tom Hays , Associated Press, July 7, 2013

If not, you will probably find the list of offenders - Vargas, Valle, Tejada - confirmatory of the concern expressed in your recent sex-for-visas piece.

writes: The concern being that the more Hispanics enter the Federal civil service and law enforcement, the more American government will resemble that of a banana republic—since it will have much the same people running it.

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