A Reader Investigates USA TODAY's Cheap-Labor Boosterism
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From:  Rob Sanchez

I wish to applaud James Fulford's rebuttal of the offensive article "USA just wouldn't work without immigrant labor". Articles of this kind are nothing but cheap propaganda by greedy corporations that hope to convince the public that Americans can't handle hard work. They use this to justify the importation of foreign workers to bust unions, lower salaries, and destroy workplace standards.

John Gay, a lobbyist for the Essential Worker Immigration Coalition (EWIC) is typical of the types of self-serving lobbyists that plant information used for pro-immigration articles such as the USA Today diatribe. Gay was recently hired by the American Hotel & Lodging Association to lobby for cheap labor. He claims that our country wouldn't survive without immigrants and then goes on to ask, "Who is going to change bedpans in a nursing home? Or change beds in hotels?" In his opinion only hard-working immigrants will.

Gay goes on to say that there are, "Severe shortages of lesser-skilled and unskilled workers." Translated, his statement says that it's tough to find U.S. workers that will work in slave labor conditions. Lazy authors of stories like "USA just wouldn't work without immigrant labor" often copy propaganda like Gay's because it is quick and easy to write an article. Neither of them are willing to go out and ask American citizens how they feel about being terminated from a job so that these "hard working" guest workers can earn a living. These pro-immigration pundits are nothing but mouthpieces for huge corporations who want cheap labor.

The giant corporate news giants such as USA Today have a good reason to push the guest worker agenda. USA Today, like most media giants, hires foreign reporters and staff using the H-1B Nonimmigrant Work Visa. You are welcome to come to my website and use the "LCA Database" to see for yourself. Search on "USA Today" or any of the other 110,000 companies in the US that hire these indentured laborers. I obtained the database from the Department of Labor using the Freedom of Information Act so that you could discover the truth for yourself. Use it.

Get the Facts on H-1B...

[VDARE's search of the database shows that USA Today has five staff members on H-1B visas, earning a total of about $315,000 dollars per annum, and the parent company, Gannett, has many more, including twenty programmer/analysts earning an average of $45,296 per annum.]

August 12, 2001

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