A Reader Insists, (At Some Length) That Sean Gabb Is Fighting The Last War
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From: Matthew Dunnyveg [Email him]

Re: Sean Gabb's article News From England: The New Ruling Class And Taxpayer Funded Brainwashing In "Sindia-Lesbianopolis"

In Mr. Gabb's recent article, he summarily dismisses cultural explanations for the political problems in England, yet fails to offer any satisfactory alternative.  Instead, Mr. Gabb indicates that he thinks the problems Britain suffers from are "local" in nature rather than a result of "cultural Marxism", while ignoring similar problems throughout the West.

Cultural Marxism, more accurately known as Political Correctness, is a paradigm.  As philosopher of science Thomas Kuhn noted, the value of a paradigm is determined by its ability to explain problems, and by the consequences of those explanations when they are implemented.  Since Mr. Gabb peremptorily dismisses the PC paradigm, he cannot explain the increasingly obnoxious and totalitarian nature of government not only in England, but indeed in every Western country.  Consequently, these problems only get worse.

The roots of Political Correctness partially lie in Marxist Leninism, which is a fusion of Marx and Russian culture.  There has been a debate in Russia for centuries now on whether or not it is part of the West.  One feature of Russian culture militating against its inclusion in the Western cultural community is that the tsar, and later the communists, held all rights; ordinary citizens had absolutely no legal rights, which is anathema to our traditional Western values.  This state of affairs made revolution in Russia inevitable.  As Marx himself noted, reform is what the elite class engages in to maintain their hold on power.  The problem then, and the problem now in the West, is that reform presupposes that ordinary citizens have rights that must be respected.  Freedom ways and governing ways are absolutely products of culture.

The COMINTERN (1919-1943) established the cultural precedent of refusing to recognize that average citizens have any rights.  In fact, the social democrats separated from the communists because they initially refused to accept this alien notion that only the elites were entitled to rights.  Lenin, and later Stalin, were able to enforce their will over Western communist parties with money; funding for communist parties was absolutely contingent upon toeing Moscow's party line.  Even though communism has long since ceased being a political factor to be reckoned with, deviationism was not permitted then just as it is not permitted now.

Communism, which trivializes culture in favor of economic and political factors, began falling into disrepute in the wake of WWI when The Revolution failed to materialize, and received a mortal blow in 1933 when the German proletariat chose the fascists over the communists.  The Frankfurt School in particular began to reject communism's political and economistic monism in favor of revolution through radical alteration of Western cultures, and ultimately their destruction.  The destruction of our Western cultures became obvious to all perspicacious observers in the 1960's, and continues unabated to this day.

The conventional wisdom declares the reason the American military does so poorly in the first few battles of a new war is that they have to get over fighting the last war and learn to fight the current war.  Mr. Gabb appears not only to be fighting the last war, but the wars of eighty years ago.  It is high time those of us concerned with national question issues properly assess the problems that confront us.  To paraphrase James Carville, it's the culture, stupid!

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