A Reader in Alaska Says Yalies Are A Big Part Of The Immigration Problem
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From: Mike Sweeley [e-mail him]

Re: Don Collins' Column: A Democrat, Yale Grad, Decries New Haven's Illegal Alien ID

Collins' column is well taken and his points concise.

I agree with him that the illegal alien problem is out of control and, if not stopped, will result in America's destruction.

But if Collins, a Democrat, thinks that Senator Hillary Clinton—-a fellow Yale graduate and Democrat—-may have the answer then I have a bridge to sell him.

The best and perhaps the last chance to get the federal government to enforce immigration law is to elect someone like Republican Fred Thompson If Collins cannot accept that, then I can only conclude that his politics trumps his love of country.

My point is simply that illegal immigration and legal Islamic immigration are the two most direct threats to America's survival.

What New Haven has done is against federal law and represents anarchy.

If those who we elect are allowed to selectively pick and choose what laws they like or do not like and enforce only those they like, then things are bad.

If Collins's fellow Yale alumni cannot see the problems, then they are traitors. Wisdom does not come from a book but from life's experiences.

That's why most ordinary Americans get it while the Yale elite don't.

I'm one of the everyday folk who know that if we continue down the road we now travel, our country will soon be a balkanized nightmare.

Don Collins replies: Despite Sweeley's attack on Yale University, I agree with his central point that the country is on the wrong path. And, as I pointed out in my column, I share Sweeley's disappointment in Yale University's failure to condemn New Haven's identification card for illegal aliens.

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