A Reader Disputes Derbyshire—America Elites, Not People, To Blame For Immigration Disaster
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Re: John Derbyshire On That Census Report: White America—Lost In A Fit Of Absence Of Mind?

From: William Harless [Email him]  

In the latest column by Mr. Derbyshire, he laments the ongoing demographic collapse of the historic American nation through immigration. His sadness is genuine and is shared by myself. 

But I think he places far too much blame on the American people for this disaster.  The American people really have not had much say in the matter.  All of our so-called elites—politicians, businessmen, journalists, academics—have contributed to this situation and are to blame for it.  And they have ignored the wishes of the American people. 

No, Mr. Derbyshire, this disaster is the responsibility of our elites.  They have truly betrayed us.

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