A Reader Defends Fiancée Visas
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From: [Name Withheld]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: "The Fiancée Visa Racquet"

I read Joe Guzzardi's column on fiancée visas and I must say that I disagree with his position.

I am currently corresponding with a lady in the Philippines and I plan to visit her in March. I am a decent hard working, educated man and yet American women don't seem to be interested.

I am not especially handsome or especially rich, but I really can't help that. If American women, with the exception of ones that would make poor wives, are not interested in me, why should I not be able to seek a wife overseas?

If you want to fix the immigration problem, start with the U.S.-Mexican border!

Joe Guzzardi replies: Even though my column was written nearly four years ago, it still generates an amazing amount of mail. If the reader wants to travel 10,000 miles for a date, he has my blessing. I wish him good luck in his romantic pursuits. But if the reader is as he describes himself, he should make the shorter trip to San Francisco where eager women would fight over him.

Based on what I have witnessed first hand about fiancée brides, the reader will need plenty of every break. The harsh reality is that his lady friend may very well view him as her meal ticket to a green card.

And the reader must be new to VDARE.COM. I have written more about the U.S.-Mexican border than fiancée brides by a ratio of about 1,000 words to one.

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