A Reader Contemplates Ed Bradley and 60 Minutes
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December 15, 2005

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Re: Don Collins' Column: "Shame on Ed Bradley and CBS 60 Minutes"

Don Collins wrote a nice piece on the 60 Minutes segment.

The bias of the Mainstream Media shows through when you consider that CBS can take the facts they presented and draw completely different conclusions than most Americans have reached. 

What the facts demonstrate is that a partial solution to the problem of illegal immigration is no solution at all.

  • Retired INS agent Reed stated that the Nebraska delegation told it that immigration enforcement was putting the local meatpacking plants out of business, "ruining" their economy and communities.  I don't doubt that it was.  If you're only going to go deny meatpackers in Nebraska access to illegal immigrant labor, this will put them at a cost disadvantage versus meatpackers in Arkansas, Minnesota, Illinios, etc.  The natural outcome would be for the Nebraska plants to go out of business (also resulting in the unemployment of white collar workers at the plants) and for plants/companies in other states to hire more illegals to make up for the lost production capacity.  You can't only go after 5% of the employers and expect to win this battle.  But, I wouldn't be surprised if the INS knew that.

  • Another person on the show pointed out that putting fences near San Diego and other areas has actually increased the numbers of illegal aliens because they can't come and go as easily.  Once they're in, they don't want to risk going home and not being able to get back in.  The obvious solution to this pattern of behavior is to complete the fence so that it covers the entire border.  The only thing this demonstrates is that you can't stop illegal immigration by only protecting 5% of our southern border. 

60 Minutes suggested that these failed measures demonstrate the futility of investing additional time and money into stopping illegal immigration. 

On the contrary, what they actually demonstrate is the folly of trying to solve this massive problem with 5% solutions.

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