A Reader Complains Of MSM Reticence Over Chinatown Cleaver Attack
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From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

I just had to send this into you guys. Not entirely sure what the significance is, but I found it kind of hypocritical.

While I like news site NY1.com for its local coverage and generally objective reporting, they NEVER identify the racial background of the perpetrators for the many horrific crimes committed in New York City.

When perpetrators are still at large and there are eyewitness or even video footage to the crime or possible suspects, NY1 only reveals the gender, weight, clothing, and possible age of the suspect. They ask the public to contact police with any info. But they consistently leave out the single most important feature in helping to identify someone—the person's race.

So here is yet another article about a heinous assault in which no racial information is disclosed. And yet that information turns out to be quite necessary in order to place a quote from one of the people interviewed in logical context.

The story involves a man who attacked a woman in the street with a meat cleaver, hitting her in the head and body numerous times before being stopped by some fireman from a local station. The woman, who survived but is in serious condition, ran away into a nearby restaurant. One of the firemen chased after her with medical supplies and is quoted as saying:

"We confronted her there [in the restaurant]. She was very disoriented and very panicked. There was a little bit of a language barrier." [Charges Pending Against Man In Wife's Meat Cleaver Attack,NY1.com, February 25, 2013]

That line "language barrier" comes out of left field because nowhere in the story does it mention foreigners or immigrants. Canal Street, of course, is well known as one of NY's bustling Asian districts rife with illegal aliens.

James Fulford writes: Other media outlets call it a Chinatown cleaver attack, and there is video of the attacks, as well as photographs of the cleaver-wielder, whose name is Ming Guang Huang, 28.

The meat cleaver was the weapon wielded by tong hatchetmen in 19th century fiction—and,  of course, in real life. I can only assume the editors of NY1.com were embarassed by the stereotypical nature of the attack.


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