A Reader Challenges Steve Sailer On Miscegenation
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From: [Name Withheld]

It's All Relative: Putting Race in Its Proper Perspective, By Steve Sailer

Steve Sailer's definition of race—an extended and inbred family group—is, of course, accurate biologically and thus is the only definition of race that bears any relation to reality.

However, his favored solution to the "race problem" is pure evil: racial intermarriage so extensive that distinct races cease to exist.

This is genocide. Miscegenation destroys irreversibly and utterly that which took Nature tens of thousands of years to create and which our ancestors fought and died to preserve.

VDARE.COM promotes itself as an information source intended to help preserve Western Civilization. Yet without Western people, there is no West.

None of the above has anything to do with the usual Leftist shrieks about "hate" or "supremacy." If such a thing as "rights" exist anymore, then surely all distinct peoples have a right to preservation of their distinctiveness.

As usual, the Left has succeeded in convincing people to believe both sides of an impossible contradiction. They rant constantly about the imperative of diversity while simultaneously urging intermarriage as the solution to all ills.

Of course, once this process runs to completion, there will be no diversity—except, one suspects, for that of the ruling class itself.

VDARE.COM comment: Steve Sailer says he's thinking about this and will write another article when he's decided what to say.

August 19, 2002

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