A Reader Calls Allan Wall A "Traitor"; He Replies
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04/04/08 - A California Reader Uncovers Mexican Government Plot To Censor Information About Its Meddling In Elvira Arellano Case

From: Reni Ashton (e-mail her)

Unfortunately, the future of the United States is written in Wall's own house.

A white guy marries a Mexican and lives in Mexico.

As far as I'm concerned, by that Wall makes the statement that he is a traitor to American citizenry of all races and to white American women in particular.

I am sorry for the tragedy of Wall's unfortunate marriage.

Allan Wall replies: If nothing else, this letter proves the great variety of opinion found among VDARE.COM readers. 

On the one hand, I get angry letters from reconquista-types calling me ugly names. On the other hand, Reni calls me a traitor to white American women because I'm married to a Mexican and live in Mexico!  

Obviously, I'll never make everybody happy.

Does Reni have a crush on me?  If so she'd better give it up and look elsewhere. I'm happily married and my wife encourages me to write articles for VDARE.COM

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