A Reader Asks Are Senate Democrats Getting Cold Feet On Amnesty?
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From: A Reader

Two Newsbits you may want to report on at VDARE.COM. It appears The Senate Democrats are wary of a public backlash against Amnesty heading into the 2008 election:

Elevator ears—Inside The Beltway,
By John McCaslin
Washington Times
February 14, 2007

That was Sen. Patrick J. Leahy, Vermont Democrat and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, overheard on a Georgetown Law School elevator this week saying he'd like to move forward on an immigration bill, but he wasn't interested in wasting his time for six months only to have his efforts filibustered.

"So," observes our Washington source, who obviously rode aboard the same elevator, "if Senate conservatives can hold 41 votes or muster enough noise to make Leahy think he would be unlikely to achieve cloture, he might pass on an immigration bill this year. Occasionally, extraordinary bark can make up for a lack of bite."

Reid Wants President Bush's Help On Immigration
Rotor.com, February 15, 2007

Many conservative Republicans are cool to President Bush's proposals to create a guestworker program and to find a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants residing in the United States. Reid said immigration legislation should be done "sooner rather than later," but added, "unless the president weighs in on this, it's going to be very tough sledding."

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