A Pennsylvania Reader Wonders Why White Hispanics Like Cruz And Rubio Identify With Mexicans
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Re: Washington Watcher’s article Ted Cruz: Wobbling, But Still Worthwhile for Immigration Patriots

 From: A Reader In State College, PA [Email him]

A couple of questions—why do whites who have Spanish surnames have difficulty behaving as other European-derived Americans in terms of what/who they identify with (i.e. simply other white Americans)?

What have Rubio or Cruz have in common with non-whites with Spanish names? 

The answer, of course, is: nothing at all.  Why, then, this bizarre charade?  I for one am damned sick of it.   But then, all of these federal politicians are becoming more disgusting by the day.

James Fulford writes: See Steve Sailer’s photo gallery of Hispanic politicos here. The answer to the reader’s question is that it pays “Hispanic” politicians to identify as Hispanic. It didn’t always, but it does today.

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