A Pennsylvania Reader Says The Liberal Media Treats Caroline Kennedy With Kid Gloves
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December 28, 2008, 04:00 AM
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From: Izzy Lyman (e-mail her)

Re: Joe Guzzardi`s Column: Joe To Caroline Kennedy—Stick To The Cocktail Circuit!

Not only didn`t Caroline Kennedy—now a professed supporter of open borders— attend public schools, as Guzzardi pointed out in his column, but neither do her children.

Furthermore, provocative images of Kennedy`s elder daughter Rose, now a Harvard student, indicate that Caroline may need to improve her parenting skills.

Look at these two pictures here and here.

Imagine if Rose were one of Sarah Palin`s kids. Would the liberal press be demanding Palin stick to being a mom and minding her daughter a little better?

Don`t bet on it.

Lyman, author of The Homeschooling Revolution, has been published in the Miami Herald, Dallas Morning News, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and elsewhere. Her blog appears here.

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