A Pennsylvania Reader Says Food Stamp Fraud Could Include Cash Subsidies For Immigrants
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From: Beverly Tyler (e-mail her)

Re: Today's Letter: A New York Reader Notes Junk Food Industry Benefits From Third World Immigration—At Taxpayer Expense

I am a cashier at a large supermarket chain that services eastern Pennsylvania.

In my community—which has its fair share of immigrants—our food stamp problems are more severe than whether someone is buying Twinkies or potato chips.

While I fully agree that it is an outrage that food stamp recipients abuse their taxpayer- funded privileges by purchasing junk food with our hard earned money, the Access card issued in Pennsylvania allows its holders to get cash back at the checkout line.

Compare it to your debit card. After your transaction is complete, your cashier asks you if you would like cash back. The same applies with the Access card. Assuming the client has a sufficient balance in his account, he can withdraw up to a $50 maximum in cash per transaction.

Naturally, the customer can use the $50 for whatever purpose he chooses—alcohol, drugs or maybe even to buy a fake drivers license.

Tyler reports that while she was once "shocked" by the level of welfare fraud, she now considers it all to be in a day's work.

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