A Patriot Lawyer Reports That The Black DA Who Prosecuted The McCloskeys Is Facing Removal After Thousands Of Cases Got Dismissed
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Re: A Patriot Lawyer Comments On The McCloskeys’ Black, Female, Prosecutor Being Removed

From: Fabrizio Evola [Email him]

In December 2020, I wrote a letter (above) to VDare.com about Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner in St. Louis.

At the time, I indicated that she might face disciplinary action at some point in the future. She did not seem to be a very good prosecutor. 

Well, now that time has arrived.

Andrew Bailey, the Attorney General of Missouri, is seeking to remove her based upon her sheer incompetence.

Bailey announced in a February press release that he had filed a quo warranto suit to remove St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner from office, citing “years of willful neglect” for the cases she was responsible for prosecuting.

[Missouri AG Seeks to Remove Soros-Linked Prosecutor from Office, Citing ‘Willful Neglect’ of Cases, by Michael Foster, Breitbart, April 9, 2023]

Thousands of criminal cases have apparently been dismissed. She is little more than a professional activist—supremely unqualified to handle the day to day operations of a prosecutor’s office.

Yet another reason to read VDare.com. We see where things are going far better than the MSM. It is also an optimistic sign. Our political enemies are not effective opposition—which can be expected now that the Democratic Party has “tipped,” as Peter Brimelow has argued.

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