A NY Reader Notes That The Meatball Has "Embraced Diversity"
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From: J. J. Rapatoni (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: The Maligned Meatball—Make It Right For St. Joseph's Day

Mama Maroni, whose 100-year-old meatball recipe Guzzardi wrote about, would no doubt spin in her grave if she knew that it has gone multicultural.

Like almost everything else in America these days, the meatball has embraced diversity. In New York, the meatball can be ordered Korean, Japanese or Cambodian-style. Some are prepared in beer batter or with either duck or chicken. (Meatball Madness, by Carla Sparta, New York Post, March17, 2010)

Naturally, the original, pre-diversity Italian meatball is the best just like everything else was in America before multiculturalism took over.

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