A NV Reader Admires Prof. MacDonald For His Courage
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From: John Taldone (e-mail him)

Re: "Memories Of Madison—My Life In The New Left" by Kevin MacDonald

I have great admiration for Professor Kevin MacDonald. His courage in writing about such a taboo subject is commendable.

I agree that Jewish Americans are in the vanguard in promoting non-white immigration and the cult of diversity and multiculturalism. Moreover, the neoconservatives were instrumental in inducing the U.S. to invade Iraq and for pushing for a war against Iran for Israel's benefit.

However, Dr. MacDonald does not explain why conservative white Christians who vote Republican are the strongest supporters of the state of Israel, and the most enthusiastic proponents of a jingoistic policy of military intervention against a host of countries and political movements hostile to Israel.

We are at such a sad state of affairs that Pat Buchanan, arguably the only major public figure who expresses genuine patriotic sentiments, has been relegated to the fringe of the conservative movement.

Taldone, a Bronx-born second-generation Italian American, is a teacher. For an earlier letter, see here.

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