A North Carolina Reader Says Gov. Easley Is "Bad"…But His Possible Successor May Be Worse
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From: John J. Pershing (e-mail him)

Re: Patrick Cleborne's Blog: N.C.'s Easley: Another Immigration Turkey

It's Easley's potential successor, Lt. Governess and former public school teacher Bev Perdue who is infinitely more frightening than Easley…and Easley is bad enough.

Check out her October 2007 love fest in October 2007 with ex-Mexican First Lady Marta Sahagun de Fox

And take a look at the biographies of some of the other participants including CNN's illegal immigration supporter Soledad O'Brien whose contribution is listed as being one of People en Espanol's "50 Most Beautiful Women" in 2004.

Pershing's previous letters about his experiences as a substitute teacher and in support of VDARE.COM's website format are here and here.

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