A Non-Conservative Reader Says That If Immigrants WERE “Natural Conservatives”, It Would Be Wrong For Conservatism, Inc. To Import Them To Win The Culture War
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Re: “Natural Conservatives”: 9/11 And The Myth Of The Uncorrupted Immigrant

A Non-Conservative Woman [Send Her Mail]

With regard to immigration and Conservatism Inc., the more leftist and centrist wings of the patriot movement are missing a trick in not emphasizing how immigration feeds into a conservatism that most Americans don't actually want.

The fantasies that the millions of immigrants, both legal and illegal, will somehow replenish "traditional values" is based on an intense dislike of actual Americans. It's also based on a realization that they've lost numerous debates, and an anger that they'd have to deign to have them in the first place.

If the churches can't fill their pews, they need to make the case to Americans, not import allegedly socially conservative foreigners (at taxpayer expense, mind you). If the traditionalist establishment dislikes the American culture allegedly corrupting the second and third generations of the noble savages they bring in, then they should better make the case about culture to actual Americans, not bypass (and impoverish) them with pliant foreigners.

Conservatism Inc., has dug its own grave by refusing to respect or even acknowledge national sovereignty. They are losing even faster than they would have otherwise. While I can't mourn a movement I despise getting hoist with its own petard, the fact is that it's going to take an entire country with it.

And pointing out their perfidy to those of us who are not conservatives, and who don't want what they want, is the only way to unite the historic American nation for long enough to gain a much needed moratorium and enforcement. Then everyone can go back to living their lives, and fighting each other on real issues, not identity politics and trying to bypass the popular will.


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