A New Mexican Reader Responds To Peter Brimelow, But Can't Think Of Anything Original To Say
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Re: Peter Brimelow’s Appearance At CPAC, (Addressed To Peter Brimelow)

From:  Guillermo Quijano  [Email him]

You are a f-cking racist piece of sh-t.

[Hyphens added by VD-RE.com]

Guillermo Quijano is the owner of Natural Touch Wedding Photography, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

James Fulford writes: Whenever we get these, I’m reminded of the character in Stranger in A Strange Land, who setting up a system to deal with the massive fan mail provoked by the Man From Mars, had them forward to him all the “scatological” letters because he had a “bet with himself that none would show the faintest literary novelty”. We usually don’t bother to print them, but Mr. Quijano’s is one of many. 


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